What is the late fee for non-filing GST returns?

July 16, 2021

Late Fees Under Goods and Service Act: –

Late Fees is charged to taxpayers when the returns are not filed on or before the due date. The late fees have to be paid by the taxpayer in cash through the portal and cannot use ITC for payment of late fees. The late fees are also applicable to the delay of filing nil returns.

· According to GST acts for Intrastate i.e. sales within the state late fees is to be paid under CGST and SGST

CGST= Rs 25

SGST = Rs 25

This means total late fees would be Rs 50 per day which is a maximum of up to Rs 5000.

· According to IGST act the late fee amount should be paid under IGST

IGST = Rs 50

This Means total late fees would be Rs 50 per day which is a maximum up to Rs 5000

· For NIL returns the amount is Rs 20 per day.

For Annual Return (GSTR-9): – The amount for Annual Return is rs 200 per day i.e. Rs 100 for CGST and Rs 100 for SGST

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